The Identity Management Consultants

TrueTrust Ltd. has actively collaborated in a number of leading research activities in the security area.

We were the first to integrate protocol independent federated identity management into Openstack, the leading open source cloud software.

As part of the pan European EC IV Framework Telematics Project, TrustHealth2, Truetrust helped to pilot a Certification Authority service for various UK health care organisations, including Hope Hospital, BUPA and Haldon House Surgery. The UK PKI used the Entrust produce suite, and we performed interworking tests with other health care PKIs set up in Sweden, Germany, Norway, France and Belgium, that used products from a variety of other vendors.

TrueTrust Ltd also worked closely with members of the EC IV Framework ICE-CAR project, that piloted CA services throughout Europe. Interworking tests between different PKI producs were carried out using S/MIMEv2 as the secure email format.

As part of the EC PERMIS project, TrueTrust helped to design and standardise the world's first Privilege Management Infrastructure based on X.509 attribute certificates. The PERMIS software is now available free of charge for research and educational purposes from the University of Kent , or as open source code from OpenPermis. Advice and consultancy can be obtained from TrueTrust Ltd.

TrueTrust were partners in the EC Guides project, which produced the Guidelines for Establishing a Public Key Infrastructure.

 TrueTrust has produced a number of commercial in confidence reports for clients, as well as a publicly available report on OpenID.

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