The Identity Management Consultants

TrueTrust is a private limited company set up by experts in Internet security, cloud security, directory services, public key infrastructures (PKI), privilege management infrastructures (PMI) and federated identity management (FIM).

TrueTrust offers you its expertise via consultancy, seminars, workshops, and bespoke software development.

Besides providing bespoke software development, TrueTrust has expertise in a number of open source software packages, that can help you to quickly and easily set up your own cloud, PKI, PMI, directory service or federated identity management system.

TrueTrust was the first company in the UK to set up (in 1996) an X.509 based Public Key Certification Authority for research and experimental purposes, as part of the Greater Manchester GEMISIS 2000 project. Since then it has provided consultancy to major banks, insurance companies, international organisations and airlines throughout Europe.

Staff of TrueTrust have been working with X.509 based certificates (both public key and attribute) for over 15 years and have been part of the ITU-T and ISO standardisation effort since its inception. Staff are also active participants in Internet and Grid standardisation activities and have authored a number of RFCs, Internet Drafts and OGF drafts.

Members of TrueTrust were the first people in the world to add federated identity management to OpenStack the leading open source cloud software, the first people in the UK to implement secure Email using MIME Object Security Services (MOSS), the first people in the world to implement a fully functional LDAP and X.500 directory firewall - the Guardian DSA - and the first people to build a fully functional X.509 based Privilege Management Infrastructure as part of the EC funded PERMIS project. PERMIS is now being used globally to secure information resources, and has hundreds of downloads per month.

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